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Welcome to my website!

Let us discover together the new erotic spheres and experience the world of swingers clubs, seduction, trisomes, and partner-swapping or undergo the exiting fantasy of the love game with different women. Enjoy wit me the experience of the ultimate naughty night in a luxury, stylish swingers club in Belgium or Holland. Let me be your lady-companion, cause that's what I'm specialised in.

Together we will steal the show. Some swingers clubs are, on specific nights, only open to couples. This might by very annoying for a single man as these evenings are especially known for their voluptuous and unequalled character.

When visiting such a club as a single man it is hard to make sexual contact with the attending couples. When accompanying you to the swingers clubs, other non-suspicious swinger couples consider us being one of them.

Most of the swingers clubs are visited by swinger couples and single men (between 30 and 65 years) looking for sexual contact with other couples. Many swinger women are bisexual or bi-curious.

What does a swingers club exactly stands for?
Many swingers clubs in Belgium, Holland offer an 'all-in' formula. The entrance differs from 50 to 80 euro. A locker in the cloakroom, unlimited use of food and drink, from finger foods to restaurant facilities, use of the sauna, jacuzzi and the different theme rooms are mostly price-included.

Everything is available to experience a night full of fantasy and titillation. On Friday and Saturday evenings the visitors are quite younger than during the week. The over-50s mostly visit these clubs during the week. The atmosphere is always pleasant and very open-minded. Is sex an obligation in swingers clubs? Swingers clubs welcome their guests on the principle that everything is possible and voluntary. You yourself decide what you want and don't want to do. Swingers clubs concentrate on a large public with different interests. Some couples simply go out to these clubs. You won't find them in the erotic rooms. Other couples are busy swinging and are hardly seen on the dance floor. Even if you enter the private rooms, sex is not mandatory. If you are touched at a moment or a place that you don't like, a simple 'No thanks' satisfies.

Events taking place in swingers clubs
The event programs daily varies and can consist of group sex, gangbang or ordinary theme evenings like: whiteparty, darknight, bi-party, kinkyparty, nudist nights, etc.

Together to the swingers clubs, what should we do?
As occasional couple, we do have a lot of possibilities: just staying together during the erotic game, looking at other swingers and being looked at, or discovering the world of partner-swapping together with some other nice couples. In my company, you can experience different sexual contacts with several women. At the same time you can enjoy the jealous glances of other men who sometimes are in a less sensual company as you are! Important to know: we stay together as a couple during our night in the swingers club.

Booking and reservation
Booking me as your lady-companion can only be done for at least 3 hours, with the possibility to extend the reservation afterwards. An extra hour comes to 100 euro. Please book early in case you wish to go out on a Friday or Saturday evening.

The best time to visit a swingers club is in the evening. Some swingers clubs like Mi-Noi and Only4you are also open during the week, in the afternoon. During the day it is significantly less crowded than in the envenings. Anyway, Friday evening is the best moment to visit a swingers club.

Before booking, don't forget to visit the swingers club website to check the opening hours and the program.