Swingersclub Only4you
Swingers party club only4you
at 1 hours of Brussels airport
Quite simply one of the best!
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HOT: Mi-Noi (BE) HOT: Only4You (BE) HOT: Mystique (HO)

Swingersclub Only4you


Discrete location, large parking, changing rooms, champagne and coktailbar, intimate seating, spacious nightclub with DJ (some days), large dance stage, fine restaurant buffet with cold and hot buffet, self-cooking grill (on some days), delicious sweets and cheese, spacious sauna, jacuzzi, hammam, outdoor pool with sun loungers (summer), huge labyrinth of themed rooms and showers relax.

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phone: +3271506625
GSM +32477506625


Swingersclub / Nightclub Only4you, Route de sartiaux 3, 6567 Fontaine-Valmont (Beaumont) België

111 km – ca. 1 uur 23 min van Lille, france
139 km – ca. 1 uur 33 min van Ghent
88,1 km – ca. 1 uur 11 min van Brussels
138 km – ca. 1 uur 35 min van Antwerp